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New Day for Thank you

Being grateful involves noticing and experiencing people, places, and things that we value and appreciate. Research suggests that practicing gratitude can be associated with reductions in stress and improvements in hope and resilience--making it a highly beneficial life skill. Through the text and equally the illustrations, this book offers a real-world, multiracial, multiethnic, multigenerational cast of characters who function graciously in unison. One goal is that this reading experience might inform the caregiver and child, such that they can expand this grateful lens to their world. As the reader experiences this gratitude practice, may they be blessed with improvements in health and well-being.

This was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end! Seamlessly incorporates enjoyment, science, and critical lessons for us all! A brilliant author and talented illustrator came together in this treasure of a book. I hope it is the first of many from this brilliant author!

This is the BEST book ever!!! This author is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this book and any other book by this author!! She is gifted and talented.

A Joy For Children And Adults Alike!

Very well-written book for children, but serves as a good reminder for the adults in their lives about the importance of health and well-being. Great book to read together. In a fast-paced, hectic world, a New Day for Thank You sends positive messages about gratitude, hope, and resilience. I recommend it to all. 

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