About The Author

Meet Dr. Stephanie Bryan

Stephanie Bryan is an accomplished researcher, professor and author with a PhD in Health Science, master’s degree in Exercise Science and an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Health. Her life and career reflect an enduring commitment to the improvement of health and well-being from a mind, body, spirit perspective, with a deep interest in enhancing the lives of the underserved. As a certified yoga teacher, health and fitness leader, researcher and professor, Dr. Bryan is dedicated to providing accessible, actionable research-based information to her students and the community at large. Earlier in her career, Stephanie worked in corporate and commercial fitness, owned, and operated a yoga and fitness studio and began teaching in higher education. Informed by her formal education, work experiences and research inquiry, Dr. Bryan continues to develop and teach graduate and undergraduate courses in exercise science, health, and complementary therapies while pursuing health management solutions from a biopsychosocial-spiritual perspective. The development of a children’s picture book series is Dr. Bryan’s latest endeavor, with the overarching goal of introducing the science and practice of accessible health behavior habits to children and their caregivers to enhance resilience and well-being.