An Overview of Gratitude as a Mind-Body-Spirit Practice in Optimizing Health and Human Functioning

My latest publication on the science and practice of gratitude and health from a biopsychosocial-spiritual perspective. You will find information on why gratitude is so health-enhancing for people from children to the elderly, and how to simply integrate gratitude in to your daily life to improve health, quality of life, optimism, resilience, faith and more. 


This paper provides an overview of gratitude as a concept and as a mind-body-spirit practice, impacting health and human functioning throughout the lifespan, that can be integrated into daily life to great benefit at no cost. Current society is rife with increases in stress, anxiety, depression, lifestyle-related diseases, and social isolation. The practice of gratitude and its interrelated pro-social, health-enhancing, resilience-building effects suggest that promoting gratitude from childhood through adulthood may provide much-needed, accessible reinforcement towards optimal health and wellbeing.


Gratitude; health; resilience; biopsychosocial-spiritual model of health promotion 

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