Blue Zones Research on Longevity Powerful Health Information

The Blue Zones research conducted by Dan Buettner and colleagues involved searching the globe to identify the largest numbers of centenarians (people who live to 100 or more) within a geographical location and investigate their health and lifestyle behaviors. The goal was to discover their behaviors such as feeding practices, work life, family life, spiritual practices, movement patterns, social connection etc. and understand what is contributing to their long, healthy life. This mode of health inquiry began twenty years ago, and the data and practices found at that time where foundational and are still solidly supported by the science of today. Currently, this information is being beautifully presented in a Netflix documentary with many of the centenarians from around the world telling us in their own words what has made their life so enduring and healthful. The title of the documentary is: Live to 100 Secrets of the Blue Zones. Dan Buettner narrates and provides insightful data and real-life examples, all beautifully presented with the scenery from the stunning blue zones around the world such as Sardinia, Italy and Ikaria, Greece.

I have included this information in health and fitness courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 20 years and I am so delighted to share that now we all can watch these powerful health practices unfold through this new Netflix documentary. If you don’t have access to the documentary, the Blue Zones book can be purchased, I have found it used for five dollars online, and you can even find much of this information free on the Blue Zones website. 

If you love someone who is struggling to adopt positive health behaviors—share this with them. If you would like to improve your own health and wellbeing by elevating your health habits---this information is inspiring, thoughtful, and the centenarians themselves are both endearing and powerful.